Nov 15th

Customer Profile: Mary Spicer

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Mary Spicer is a Professional Psychic & A Good Life Development Coach. She’s been offering Psychic Readings every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm  at Julie’s since February of 2014. Fellow coach Heidi Bennett interviewed Mary on the garden patio at Julie’s. HB: It’s so nice to finally meet you face to face Mary, I’m curious, […]

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Oct 4th

Customer Profile: Sandy Blaine

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CUSTOMER NAME: Sandy Blaine  OCCUPATION: Yoga Teacher and Wellness Consultant RESIDENCE: Oakland Heidi Bennett – So, when did you first start coming to Julie’s? Sandy Blaine – I guess, about eight years ago. I saw an ad, it looked like a cool place and now I come here on a regular basis! This is my […]

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Jun 21st

Customer Profile: Fred Branaman

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GETTING TO KNOW THE JULIE’S COMMUNITY Heidi Bennett was Julie’s first employee and original manager for the first four years of business. She’s since moved on to become a Certified Professional Life Coach, but loves the cafe so deeply she continues to work with Julie as her promotional assistant. Her latest cafe related venture is […]

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Apr 25th

Customer Profile: Jennifer Serr

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We are excited to present the first of our customer interviews! Jennifer Serr of Sewing with Jennifer Serr shares her Julie’s stories with Heidi Bennett, long time friend and colleague of Julie’s…read on! Customer Name: Jennifer Serr Occupation:  Owner and lead instructor at the Sewing Room in Alameda City of residence: Alameda Heidi Bennett: When did you start […]

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