Jun 18th

June/July Art Show-Lisa Rigby

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FOREST AND FOG by LISA RIGBY Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden presents Forest and Fog, a new solo exhibition by Lisa Rigby. Forest and Fog is a collection of new paintings that recreate the haunting beauty experienced amongst the coastal fog and redwood forests of Northern California’s diverse landscape. OPENING PARTY: July 14th 7-9pm Show runs June 9th-August 7th […]

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Feb 19th

March/April Art Show-Ginny Parsons

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Damon Slough new work by Ginny Parsons An intuitive painter using everything from castoff house paint to peanut butter, Parsons’ recent work focuses on Damon Slough, the part of the bay where most trash gathers.  As seen from a kayak on San Leandro Bay, these landscapes rely on paint left on her Alameda porch, discards from […]

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Jan 22nd

Bay Area For Sale Article

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It’s always nice to get a little press:

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Jan 4th

January/February 2017 Art Show: Adam Davis

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Dead of Winter New work from Adam Davis Exploring the cycle of death and rebirth through new medium utilizing impermanent materials. Connecting past works to the uncertain present. Join us Friday, Jan 13th 7-9pm Drink specials & live performance by Adam Davis

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May 2nd

May/June/July Art: Gregory Moore

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Acrylic paintings on found objects by Gregory Moore ART PARTIES: Friday May 13, 7:00-9:00 pm Friday July 8, 7:00-9:00 pm Gregory Moore’s art making process begins with rummaging through salvage yards and dumpsters in search of discarded metal objects to paint on. He seeks out objects that are unique in their configurations of stains, rust and […]

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Mar 10th

March/April Art: Marlene Winell

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NOTICING photographs by Marlene Winell “Art is such a direct route to presence, and through this photography, I have found aliveness and serenity” OPENING PARTY: FRIDAY, MARCH 11th 7:00-9:00PM  These photographs on paper and canvas are about the Zen of noticing – really noticing details of everyday life.  They consist of found images that are unusual […]

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Dec 22nd

January/February Art: Jessica Eastburn

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PALPITATIONS Paintings by Jessica Eastburn OPENING PARTY FRIDAY, JANUARY 8TH 7:00-9:00pm Join us for warming drink specials and good company! show runs January 8 – March 7, 2016 The Art… This body of work encompasses paintings on paper and board comprised of arrangements of predominantly abstract forms that interact and intertwine to form all-over compositional […]

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Dec 21st

Julie’s Announces: WEEKENDS UNPLUGGED!

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  Starting Jan 2nd 2016 WEEKENDS UNPLUGGED at Julie’s Saturdays & Sundays 8am-2pm The wi-fi will be off and the laptops will be put away until 2pm. We are excited to encourage you to take time away from technology, be with your friends, be with yourself, and be unplugged! Laptoppers, please come 2pm-7pm on Saturday […]

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Nov 17th

November/December Art

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  Collage by Marilyn Kentz showing November 20- January 4th

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Sep 7th

September/October Art: Marcy Voyevod

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ACCEPTANCE Black Cat India ink on paper gouache on paper and canvas oil on canvas By Marcy Voyevod There is strength in acceptance, Built from debris, sorrow and loss, Held in balance. Engineered for safety and stability. Rest my weary soul and body, Give way to acceptance and trust. OPENING PARTY: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th 7:00-9:00PM […]

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