Weekend Brunch Menu

Oakland brunch menu
served Weekends 9:00am-3:00pm

Grain Free Granola 7
pecan, almond, walnut, coconut, seeds, dried fruit, cinnamon with choice of milk or yogurt (v, gf)
add fresh strawberries 2

Toasted Sourdough 4.5
strawberry rhubarb jam and house cultured butter

Spelt Pancakes 11
rhubarb compote, pistachio, maple syrup (v)

Scrambled Eggs 9
roasted yukon potatoes, caramelized onions, chives

Benedict 15
sweet potato cakes, savoy spinach, speck, cashew hollandaise, poached eggs (gf)

Brisket Hash 16
roasted turnip & marble potatoes, pearl onion, mustard greens, green garlic butter, poached eggs (gf)

Asparagus & Roasted Mushroom Quiche 11
mixed greens, golden balsamic vinaigrette

Tartine 12
roasted asparagus, english peas, spring onion, macadamia ricotta, arugula, meyer lemon vinaigrette (v)

Broth Bowl 12
grass-fed beef & pastured-raised chicken bone broth, roasted root vegetables, savoy spinach, pearl onion, soft poached egg (gf)  

Pink Lady Apple Salad 11
mixed greens, toasted pecans, fennel, cider vinaigrette (gf)

cheddar biscuit, housemade butter 4.5
roasted yukon gold potatoes, caramelized onions, chives  4 (v, gf)
Hobb’s applewood smoked bacon 4
caraway garlic sauerkraut (v, gf) 4

v – vegan  gf – grain-free / kindly, no substitutions
we strive to use sustainably and locally sourced ingredients       

May 30, 2017