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August/September Art show Julie’s Alameda


new work by Arty Johnstone
Recent plein air paintings focused on everyday life in the East Bay. Many of the acrylic on wood paintings began with live observation of subjects. Some finished in one sitting, others refined back in the studio while referencing photographs.

Arty Johnstone is a part-time barista (at Julie’s!), part-time paint sketcher. He roams the street on bike and foot looking for strong views. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, he has lived in Oakland for the last three years. Arty is available for commissions and live portraiture at events.

You can browse more of his work at:
I approach paintings like a hunter-gatherer setting out with my backpack loaded with the tools necessary to catch the elusive scene. While on a plein air hunt, I bring:
Primed wood panel
Tupperware palette (to keep the paints wet)
Grip of acrylic paint tubes
Several paintbrushes
Paint rag
Jar of potable water (it’s thirsty work)
Jar of paint water (doesn’t taste so great)
Cellular device (for audiobooks and photographing)
I am looking to craft a “there-ness.” To capture the scene as it is, as it feels to inhabit it at that point in time. I create these scenes in the hopes that it will stir a reaction of specific placement in the real world. Whether it was hot or overcast, noon or sunset. I strive to achieve a viewer response of “Oh yeah, I’ve been there before.” That being said, there is some trickery that goes into establishing the “mood” of each piece. If I was feeling pumped or groggy, content or overheated, these and other situational factors determine the color palette and the subject treatment.

Show runs through October 10th

June/July Art Show-Lisa Rigby


Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden presents Forest and Fog, a new solo exhibition by Lisa Rigby. Forest and Fog is a collection of new paintings that recreate the haunting beauty experienced amongst the coastal fog and redwood forests of Northern California’s diverse landscape.

OPENING PARTY: July 14th 7-9pm
Show runs June 9th-August 7th


Lisa Rigby is an artist currently based in Oakland, CA. Originally from North Carolina, she moved to the Bay Area in 2016 to escape the harsh east coast winters and enjoy the abundance of nature year-round. The bold abstractions that previously defined her style gave way to lush and gestural landscapes after her west coast arrival. A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, MD, Lisa has been exhibiting work professionally since 2008 in group and solo shows across Baltimore, Philadelphia, Greensboro and Oakland.

Artist Statement:

January 2016 marked a new chapter in my life–becoming a Californian. The months that followed seduced me with the natural beauty of the hills, forests and waters in which I am now immersed. Countless hikes yielded constant inspiration, which were followed by many dedicated hours in the studio, working nearby my fellow creatives. I am pleased to share my newest series in Forest and Fog, paintings which explore the diverse Northern California landscape, depicting rolling hillsides, majestic redwood forests, and the sensual fog that engulfs the coastal region in winter.

March/April Art Show-Ginny Parsons

Damon Slough
new work by Ginny Parsons

An intuitive painter using everything from castoff house paint to peanut butter, Parsons’ recent work focuses on Damon Slough, the part of the bay where most trash gathers.  As seen from a kayak on San Leandro Bay, these landscapes rely on paint left on her Alameda porch, discards from people who care about the earth.